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My Check Engine Light Is On

When the "Check Engine Light" comes on, a trouble code will be stored in the vehicle's computer. This code can only be retrieved with a diagnostic computer. The code will only provide a general description of what failure occurred. Although some codes are straightforward and require very little diagnosis, most codes require extra time to decipher—for instance, the computer may record a symptom, but not the cause.
This extra time also requires a small charge for the time to diagnose the actual problem. A skilled technician with the right diagnostic equipment in his/her hands can tell you what's wrong with your vehicle, but not one without the other.

When Do I Change My Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid should be changed every 24 months or 24,000 miles. Unlike most hydraulic fluids, brake fluid absorbs moisture. Due to the amount of heat that brake fluid has to endure, condensation collects in the brake system and breaks down the brake fluid over time. "Dot 3" brake fluid has a boiling point of 400 degrees.
As it accumulates moisture, its boiling point decreases. The extreme heat then causes the brake fluid to turn a dark color. Furthermore, it causes the brake pedal to become "soft" and can even cause total failure during frequent stops. Brake fluid can be tested with numerous types of tools on the market, but it is best to change it when you have a brake service performed and/or use the recommended 24/24,000 service interval.
Adding Brake Fluid To A Car — Automotive Service in Encinitas, CA

How Do I Know If I Need a Tune up?

A "tune-up" is a thing of the past, but vehicles do require service on a set interval to maintain the proper working condition. The best way to maintain your vehicle is to be sure you are having your vehicle serviced as your manufacturer suggests in the service book provided when you bought the vehicle.
You do not need to have the service done at a dealership. This automotive service can be performed at any repair facility. Refer to your manual and make sure you replace the parts and fluids at the intervals recommended, in order to keep your vehicle performing the way it should.
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